Physiology Online Course Statistics

There are many options to taking a physiology class in the education world today. Education has evolved into a very versatile platform. There are traditional classes taken by classroom instruction face to face, virtual classroom lectures given by video, internet instructions streamlined on the web, and distance learning through study and testing. Online physiology courses have become very popular. Online courses take personal discipline, so they aren’t for everyone. Taking a look at the physiology online course statistics can give you some insight into the success of the course, the various student types that take them online, and other interesting facts around physiology online.

Physiology online course statistics relevant to internet use and participation

In a recent analysis, physiology online course statistics developed from 44 students detailed that:

  • 93% of the students were women, from the age of 19 – 23 years old
  • 59% of the students primarily used the internet to stay up to date
  • 68% of the students accessed the internet provided by the learning institution
  • In addition, 56% used their personal computer and the majority of them taught themselves to use it.


As far as gaining access goes, most of the students could access the forums, and just slightly fewer had access to chat. Participation on the other hand, forums averaged 68% and chat participation averaged 50%. In this physiology class study, the average grade when it was complete was 85%.

Results of physiology online course statistics prove the training effective

Online courses create a much more diverse classroom, with the ability to reach any student around the world. Many colleges have increased their courses offered, including physiology, to be able to reach a broader group of people who are aiming to improve their education. In one well known university, studies were done on some of their new online programs. A sample course might include 51 video lectures (with 24/7 accessibility) and some virtual lab experiences. Instructors use a 24 hour forum board to answer questions of students, web tools are available for students and they can email their questions to instructors, as well as use virtual tutorials available. Studies were done following the course, and the physiology online course statistics went in depth to show the results from surveys, student data, and course evaluations; the course proved just as effective as, but possibly even more effective than traditional classroom training.

Physiology online course statistics are done by college to determine success rates

It is very beneficial for colleges to perform their own studies and research to formulate their own results of their physiology online course statistics. Those results help provide valuable information to prospective students choosing which school to attend. One website details results from their own classes in physiology. Their online courses have proven to be 70% more effective than traditional class options. In addition, they boast that 99% of their online students pass their exams. Those are certainly statistics to be proud of. Every college would benefit from doing their own research of their online physiology classes and broadcasting them to their students and the academic world.




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