Child Psychology Online Course

It doesn’t matter whether you are a new parent or whether you are looking to enter the social work field, a child psychology online course will teach you about the development of a child and help you to gain a better understanding of their behavior. These courses range of basic diplomas on the subject to more complex degrees that will fully certify you as an expert in this field.

The Child Psychology Online Course Diploma

The e Learning Center offers a basic diploma on the subject of child psychology and it can be purchased for $478. This course will take you through all of the phases of child development, allowing you the chance to gain a basic understanding of each phase and how it affects a child.

The Benefits of a Child Psychology Online Course

Understanding the development phases of a child will assist you in understanding the child as a whole. Developmental changes occur rapidly as a child ages and these changes affect the emotional, psychological and social development of a child.

In order to assist in the care of children, adults need to understand their needs with regards to all spheres of their development and an online course can assist you in your quest to gain a basic understanding of all of these needs and spheres. Once a basic understanding has been obtained, learners can then go on to more advanced studies of each particular sphere.

The e Learning Child Psychology Online Course Outlined

When applying for this diploma, you don’t need to have any prior knowledge on the subject and this makes it the perfect option for those that want to start a career in this field. The course is divided into 20 lessons and there are 4 assignments that will need to be completed and submitted to your tutor. Each lesson concentrates on a certain aspect of child development, including:

  • The first year of a child’s life
  • The forming of attachments
  • The consequences of attachment breakdowns
  • The home, family and school


The course can be completed in 160 hours and students who successfully complete it will receive a certificate stating that they have done so. Successful students can then move on to further their studies or use the knowledge they have gained to work in the areas of social work or child care.

Free Child Psychology Online Course Videos

Studying from home can be difficult and you should ensure that you have materials to support you during each phase of the course. Free online videos are great for students who will not be attending lectures since they will take you through all of the coursework as if you were in a lecture and explain points that might not have been clear during the course of your studies. Making use of all the extras provided by this type of online course will assist you in obtaining all of the knowledge necessary to pass the mid terms and exams that will be presented to you at specific points during this course.





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