Psychology Online Classes

Psychology online classes provide valuable insight into the workings of the human mind and these classes can be taken by laymen who want to further their understanding of psychology and professionals who want to start a career in this branch of human sciences. There are many online institutions that offer these types of courses but if you intend on furthering your education on this matter, you will want to ensure that you complete a course that is accredited.

Psychology Online Classes with Universal Class

Universal Class is one of the many online institutions that are offering courses on psychology and those that are looking to being their journey into the human mind can start their educational careers by taking the Psychology 101 course. This course will take about 6 months to complete and it costs $90 for the course and a CEU certificate. Those that are simply taking the course for informational purposes can purchase the course for $65 but they will not receive a CEU certificate.

Psychology 101 with Universal Class

The psychology online classes provided by Universal Class will take students through the beginnings of psychology and explain the basic theories behind human behavior and thought. The course is divided into 17 different lessons and it will end with a final exam that must be passed in order for the student to successfully complete the course. The course will cover a range of subjects, including:

  • The Origins of Psychology
  • Basic Research Concepts
  • Neuroscience
  • Cognition and Thought


The Theories behind Psychology

Psychology online classes will take students through all of the theories that have been built to form the basis of psychology today. These theories range from the psychoanalytical constructs of Sigmund Freud to the theories of Viktor Frankl, the father of Logotherapy. As a psychology student, it is important that you understand each theory and how it has affected psychology as we know it today in order to better understand the practical implications of these theories.

Advanced Psychology Online Classes

Once you understand the basic theories behind psychology you can then move onto the more practical applications of this field of human sciences. As you further your education you will begin learning about the various methods of applying psychological theories to the fields of education, counseling and even the corporate environment. A thorough understanding of the basics will assist you in specializing in a certain field of psychology and you can use this knowledge to reach out and assist those in need.

You will need to take care when applying your understanding of this field of the human sciences as you will not be able to counsel individuals without the right qualifications and registrations. Before you decide to further your career in psychology you should be thoroughly aware of all the qualifications you will need to begin practicing as it is a great responsibility that you will carry when you begin counseling others or using your knowledge in more practical settings, such as the classroom.




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