Exercise Physiology Online Course

An exercise physiology online course aims at teaching students how the body reacts and adapts to exercise and there are many basic and advanced courses on this subject. While certain students will be required to take these types of courses for university class, others enroll for these courses simply to increase their understanding of the human body. The course that you choose to take should be in line with your career goals and the depth of   knowledge that you need to have once the course has been completed.

The e Learning Center Physiology Course

The e Learning Center provides a comprehensive exercise physiology online course for the price of $436. This course covers the basics of exercise physiology in 15 lessons and students are provided their own tutor once they have signed up for this course. The tutor will assist the student in completing the coursework and answer any and all questions that he or she might have during the course of these lessons.

The Structure of the e Learning Center Course

The exercise physiology online course that is provided by the e Learning Center covers a range of human functions, including:

  • Health and Fitness
  • Joints
  • Energy Systems
  • The Functions of the Skeletal System


As the student completes each section of the coursework, he or she will be expected to write an assessment test that will be marked and graded by the tutor. Students will need to pass each of these assessment tests in order to move onto the next phase of the course. The entire course will take about 120 hours to complete and, once it has been completed, students will received their certificates via mail.

Exercise Physiology with Human Kinetics

Human Kinetics is another online institution that offers a basic exercise physiology online course and it will cost about $79 for the coursework and the study materials. This course will take students through the basics of exercise and how it affects systems within the human body and it will show students how the body adapts to this type of training. Students who pay the full $79 will receive all of their study materials along with the coursework. If you want to decrease the cost of this course you can choose to purchase your study materials separately.

Tutor Support for your Exercise Physiology Online Course

Tutors are made available to all students who have purchased a course from the e Learning Center and it is imperative that you make use of your tutor once you begin studying. Tutors are there to assist you with any questions that might come along during the course of your studies and they will help you to understand concepts and coursework that you have difficulty with. The tutors that are provided by the e Learning Center are experts in their fields and they know just about everything there is to know about the subject matter you are going to be studying so it would be wise to make use of their assistance.




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