Human Physiology Online Course

A human physiology online course will usually outline the basics of physiology and human anatomy in order to give students the basic knowledge that they need to continue their education in this field. This course allows students to get to know the basics of the human body, including the different functions of the organs and the anatomy of the body. There are a variety of online courses that will provide a student with this type of information but you should take care when choosing your course to ensure that the subjects you study are both accredited and useful to you in your chosen career.

The Corexcel Human Physiology Online Course

The corexcel human physiology online course is a course that allows students the chance to study the basics of the human body at their own pace and this is what makes it the perfect course for individuals that are changing their career paths or simply want to increase their knowledge of this subject matter without registering for a full time course at a university.

What Does the Corexcel Online Course Cover?

The Corexcel human physiology online course covers a range of different modules, including:

  • Tissues
  • Blood
  • Cardiovascular Systems
  • Lymphatic Systems
  • The Human Body


The cost of this course is $318 and it can be accessed for a full year after the student has been registered. During this time the student will have to complete all of the modules and pass two tests in order to receive a certificate with CEU’s.

The Benefits of a Human Physiology Online Course

There are a range of benefits that come with studying human physiology online and one of the main benefits is the fact that you can study at your own pace. Applying for a full time course entails that you go to lectures, submit assignments on specific dates of the year and possibly attend classes during working hours and this can make it difficult to work a full time job and study at the same time. Studying part time is perfect for individuals who are already working as they can complete assignments and tests whenever they are ready and go through the materials at their own pace.

Another major benefit of studying through an online course is the fact that it is much cheaper than studying through a university. If you cannot afford to study these subjects through a land based institution you can always turn to an accredited and well respected online institution.

Application for Admission Dates

Once you have decided to apply for a human physiology online course you will need to find out when applications for admissions open and close. There are many online institutions that will allow you apply throughout the year but there are those that have strict deadlines when it comes to application. In order to avoid disappointment, ensure that you enroll on time and submit all of the necessary personal information and documents to the university that you are going to be studying through.  




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